Part & Mold Design

There are many elements to consider when designing a part, even more when it comes to plastic part design. Materials, wall thickness, rib structures and supports, aesthetics, actions and interactions, environmental use, moldability, and tooling just to name a few.

We have many decades of thermoplastic part and mold design experiance, let Premere assist you in that design and development process.

Even if the part has already been designed, using that same experience we can design the mold to give you the end result you need.

Proving a design is another vital step in the process. We can rapid prototype, 3d print, your part in multiple of materials and in differing forms including, but not limited to: PolyJet, SLA, or FDM. This process will allow you to verify fit, form, function, and aesthetics. Should you need your part in actual production materials we can build a reduced-cost, prototype, insert or mold.