Premere Enterprises Inc.

Premere Enterprises Inc.

Rapid Prototype

Our Poly-Jet system is able to offer Rapid Prototype parts in several different material types in a fraction of the time that it would traditionally take machining steel or plastic.

We see this as a natural flow of any product development, to verify fit and functionality prior to building a production mold. Premere offers this service and ability to give designers and developers a viable way of producing plastic injection moldable parts in a shorter product development time frame at a reduced overall cost.

With Rapid Prototyping, you can now circumvent the traditional lengthy process of cutting a steel prototype insert and molding the part. This traditional process would usually take anywhere from several days to a few weeks to complete, but now in most cases with completed 3d geometry, your part would be produced in less than 24 hours.* With the finalized design, Premere can then build the production injection and run all your production requirements.

*Subject to part size, complexity and or build schedule