Premere Enterprises Inc.

Premere Enterprises Inc.

Premere Mold and Machine Co., Inc.

Premere Mold and Machine, established in 1972, has over 37 years experience in designing and developing plastic injection molds. Utilizing the latest in software and machining technology to rapidly produce tools from simple prototypes to complex high volume production molds. We can help you develop your concept design, model it in our 3D SolidWorks software, and using our Lemoine CAM software to drive our OKK, Okuma Howa, Enshu and other CNC machines to generate a mold and produce a molded plastic part.

In a continuing effort to help our customers remain cost competitive, Premere Mold & Machine couples our designing and mold building operation to also offer the ability to be the source of production, sampling, and qualification runs.

The Premere Enterprises facility, being at one location, our customers have found the convenience of the having mold shop and molding facility adjacent to one another has further added to their cost savings not just in tool maintenance but also in repair costs and shortening downtimes.

Keep in mind that if Premere Mold & Machine has built the mold and as long as Progressive Molding continues to run production parts from these molds Premere Mold & Machine will cover all normal maintenance at no additional cost to our customers. [Subject to certain restrictions]

High-Speed Machining

High-Speed machining of an electrode