Premere Enterprises Inc.

Premere Enterprises Inc.

Liners and Tubing

Inventive Extrusion corp. manufactures custom liners and tubing for multiple uses. We utilize vacuum-sizers and digital control systems to allow stringent tolerances to be held.  The tubing and liners can be used for many different applications.

One of Our Precision Vacuum Sizers used for Our Liners and Tubing.

Some of or tubing uses are for Air-Lines, Potable Water, Vacuum lines, Drain tubes, Chase lines, Flag Markers, anti-vibration sleeves and many others. Liners are commonly used in push-pull control assemblies. This is the core material that has to offer a long cycle and or ease of motion through complex routing. These types of engineered liners are used in Braided, Long-Lay or lay-wire, Bowden and or flat wrap conduits. The raw materials can vary from Acetal to PTFE.

Liner Spooled and Ready to Ship.

Computerized Control System for Our Tubing.