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Premere Enterprises Inc.

Braided Conduit

Braided Conduit is made by a series of processes starting with a basic tube or commonly referred to as a liner. The liner is put into the braiding process where wire is wrapped around to provided compression strength as well as abrasion resistance. Then this combination is coated with a plastic polymer to encapsulate both the liner and the wire to complete the process. Braided conduit is used in variety of applications from Push-pull controls that might operate an automotive hood release too allowing your recliner to recline.  We have seen applications where it is used in flex shaft drives allowing a shaft to be protected from the elements while increasing its life cycle. Re-enforced vacuum lines.

Liner Being Spooled After Being Extruded

Liner Being Braided Before the Coating Process

Braided Liner Being Coated on One of Our Five Extrusion Lines